The great artist is the simplifier.

- Vincent Van Gogh -

Hi there, 🤗. I am Robert Tjarko Lange, a research assistant working on taking notes of ML talks Deep Reinforcement Learning at the Technical University Berlin. While attending conferences, summer schools and scattered talks I enjoy note sketching the talks 📝. This helps me consolidate the content & spread the word. This webpage collects all the taken notes.

If you would like to use/share/clone the sketches, check out the GitHub repository which collects all of them in a compressed format. Furthermore, if you like the sketches, you can connect, contact & follow me here:

: @RobertTLange
: RobertTLange
: @RobertTLange
: Robert Tjarko Lange
: Write me!

Finally, conferences can be exhausting & sometimes getting up early is not my strength 😴. So consider to...

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What tablet do you use?

IpadPro 12.9' (3rd generation) with the newest Apple pencil. I love the pencil, haptics and smooth workflow - but I am sure you can do do the same magic with any other comparable device.

2. What software do you use?

I mainly use Notability. GoodReader provides similar capabilities but I have not tried it out. From time to time I create thumbnails with Procreate.

3. How does one get to do pretty sketches?

Mhmm. To be entirely honest my highschool arts teachers always said that I wasn't talented. But hey - technology is awesome. I realised that I don't look at my notes if they didn't have appealing visuals. Inspiration credits go to Natalia Velez. I saw her notetaking at CCN 2019 & was deeply impressed. Afterwards, I found my own style by practicing and trying different things. That is how I started.